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Cagney and Lacey

Who'd have thought that twenty-one years after the famous US TV series came onto our screens, two gorgeous little cats of the same name would arrive with Suzie and Ian Farrell at their home in Cambridge.

Cagney and Lacy (or, to give them their proper names "Fourteenth precinct Christine Cagney" and "fourteenth precinct Mary-Beth Lacy") are pure-bred Manhattenese cats who are of somewhat unknown parentage (their Mum was called “Biscuit”, that's all we know)

Cagney is the boss of the duo while Lacy is very much the affection seeker. Their favourite foods are Felix Kitten, Popadums and Cheese & Onion Pringles. In their spare time they like playing in the bath, sleeping, roaming around outside, sleeping, fighting, sleeping and playing football.

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Although our Cagney and Lacey are still only kittens (born on 30 August 2003) we hope they grow up to look a bit better in their old age than their namesakes!