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Rita owns a number of Burmese cats, several of which enter cats shows around Britain and win awards for their exceptional type and temperament.

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Grand Champion Moongazer Remy Martyn – “Remy”

Remy is a son of UK Grand Champion Moongazer Silver Mithras (Toby). He is a large chocolate boy showing much promise for the future. He seems to have inherited his father's temperament and has won several Challenge Certificates and a Grand Champion title to date.

Watch this space for news of his development as a stud.

Grand Premier Moongazer Oberon — “Bailey”

Bailey, a chocolate Burmese, was neutered so he could play uncle to other litters of kittens, a role that he does well. His soft personality and stunning looks have made him a popular cat at the many shows that he has attended in recent years. He has recently gained his third Imperial Grand Premier Certificate together with several Reserve Imperial Certificates. [more…]

Champion Gemolli Molly Moongazer — “Molly”

Molly, a blue female Burmese, has had seven litters of kittens and has produced many beautiful, award-winning cats. She has a gorgeous temperament and is a popular personality in Rita's household. Now neutered and nearly 14 years old, she spends most time resting in true Burmese style. [more…]

Champion Elspuss Bona Dea — “Bonny”

Bonny is a beautiful chocolate Burmese. She introduced a new blood line into the Moongazer family and was an ideal mate for Toby (UK Grand Champion Moongazer Silver Mithras). Now neutered after having had her share of kittens, she has a wonderful personality and enjoys her “retirement”. [more…]

Moongazer Hocus Pocus – “Izzy”

A special daughter of UK Grand Champion Moongazer Silver Mithras (Toby) and Champion Elspuss Bona Dea (Bonny), a chocolate female with a very gentle nature and is always a favourite with visitors. She has recently obtained her first Challenge Certificate, also gaining Best In Show (and CC and BOB) at Surrey and Sussex Cat Club Show, March 2009. She is now expecting a litter of kittens in August 2009 and won’t be shown again until the kittens have left home. [more…]

Moongazer Silver Lining– “Taz”

Lilac sister of Remy. Taz is a ball of energy with an enquiring nature! She will continue to produce typically gentle and loving kittens in the future. [more…]

Champion Moongazer Passion Flower – “Fleur”

Fleur is a stunning looking chocolate female Burmese with a very sweet temperament. She gained her Title in three consecutive Shows and then produced an excellent litter of kittens with Champion Moongazer Remy Martyn (Remy). Our hopes are for further success on the show bench.[more…]

Champion Moongazer Monsoon – “Louis”

Lilac Burmese, son of Grand Champion Moongazer Remy Martyn (Remy) and Champion Moongazer Passion Flower (Fleur) has an ideal temperament for showing and thoroughly enjoys his day at the Show. He has won all his Kitten Open Classes and will have his first show as an adult on 1st August ’09. Louis is very similar in appearance and temperament to his grandfather UK Grand Champion Moongazer Silver Mithras (Toby) and we have high hopes that he will follow in those big footsteps. – watch this space !!!

Sadly, over the last two years, we have lost Toby, Saffie, Chloe and Silkie, all of whom are very much missed

U.K. Grand Champion Moongazer Silver Mithras — “Toby”

Moongazer cats have been bred since 1990, beginning with the introduction of Moongazer Silver Mithras, or Toby as he was known more commonly. Toby won many awards at show and had wonderful comments from all that met him. Toby was the stud cat of the Moongazer Burmese family for many years and sired many award-winning cats. [more…]

Champion Illustria Safia – “Saffie”

A beautiful brown girl and mother of several litters of Moongazer kittens, including our own UK Grand Champion Moongazer Silver Mithras – Toby.

Champion Moongazer Silken Sunbeam and Honahlee Chloe

Mother and daughter, two of the oldies! Silky and Chloe retired from their showing and breeding careers to live a long and happy life in Rita's home.