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UK Grand Champion Moongazer Silver Mithras "Toby"
Lilac Burmese

9 Feb 1992 – 2 Sept 2005

Toby was born in February 1992, and had an outstanding show career, culminating in two UK Grand Challenge Certificates achieved consecutively in November 1993 and 1994. He has also won a number of Best in Show Awards.

A reoccurring theme in Judges' reports was his excellent overall type and outstanding temperament, a quality that seemed to consistently pass to his offspring.

At stud he was gentle and kind to his Queens and enjoyed their company for between four and six days at a time. When Toby was not entertaining Queens, he spent time with Molly and Bonny and spent as much time as possible indoors.

Sadly, Toby was put to sleep in September of 2005 to avoid any further suffering from Bowl cancer.

The following appeared in Our Cats magazine.

You were such an important and special part of our lives. I had hoped that you would be with us for much longer, but it was not to be.

A beautiful gentle boy who had a wonderful show career - many of your judges said how much they enjoyed a cuddle.

You fathered lots of fantastic kittens; many queen owners returning for more special "Toby babies". We were privileged to have owned you and you leave a huge hole in our lives that we will never fill.

Sleep tight my beautiful boy and thank you for the happy legacy of four beautiful kittens you left for us.

God bless.

See Toby's pedigree here.

Toby successfully sired many titled cats in his time, including:

  • Gr. Ch. Katome Choco Dando
  • Gr. Ch. Oakenshield Applemint
  • Gr. Pr. Brimstone Dinah
  • Gr. Ch. and Gr. Pr. Traviesco Corncracker
  • Gr. Pr. Traviesco Pearl Shimmer
  • Gr.Ch.Sorupeq Silver Nite
  • Ch. Oakenshield Henry Tudor
  • Ch. Oakenshield Loveovergold
  • Ch. Somatir Molly Mandy
  • Ch. Sorupeq Sky Blue
  • Ch. Adwelbu Andy
  • Pr. Moongazer Manhatan
  • Pr. Oakenshield Gingermint